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Knights, Squires, Dragons and Story Points?

Nice click bait isn't it? Bare with me and I shall help you see that this might really not be the case. I always found explaining the concept of Story Points difficult. First of all, if you go to the creators of Extreme Programming and Story Points: Kent Beck and Martin Fowler, you find very little information in their books and if any, then not really helpful i.e. concept of 'ideal dev weeks' or blunt 'You can't put ten pounds of shit into a five pound bag'. When you are experimenting and showing how the team could decouple from using time-based estimates, you feel there is something wrong. Otherwise than that, you find articles all over the web titled 'Story Points are Effort', 'Story Points

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3 Prototyping Tools You Need To Know

Just recently I did a review of a number of prototyping & wire framing tools that would enable me to create many rough sketches during ideation phase together with Product Managers I work with and then move on and refine gathered ideas to a higher fidelity both visually and conceptually. Depending on the context, you should have a different tool or rather a pair of tools as they usually complement each other nicely. InVision This tool is at the same time powerful and simple to use. Within minutes you can transform your static assets into dynamic prototypes. It features not just hotspots but also hover states, which allow for even more realistic interactions. In the mean time, while you do all this stuff, you can get

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