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Dual Track Scrum

Recently, I have been given a task to visualize a successful implementation of Scrum with a special emphasis on Product Organization within the company. It was a part of a larger interview process for an Agile Coach role. Here is what I came up with: Two tracks to rule your company There are two tracks on which your company rides. The metaphor here is that it is a train with a magnetic drive (we are in XXI century and build products with modern technology, right?). However, should one track fail it will come to a complete halt. It is rather obvious that failing at Product Delivery Track will stop the progress at your company, be it measured in money earned or innovations that it brings to

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Boards do not have to be boring!

Today I would like to showcase a bit of my creative spirit and by example explain the evolution of a team's board used for daily re-planning activity during Daily Scrum. I specifically do not use the term Kanban Board because the way I designed those boards might be unorthodox to say the least. First there was chaos What's this all about, you might want to ask? Well, the guys are having fun with the Marshmallow Challenge but the photo bomber is this Kanban board in the background that the team used to have. I mean no-one would possibly know the state of affairs in the sprint even when examining it with the highest attention possible and from the closest possible distance. Enter The New New Board

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